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Our Terms & Conditions

At Assignments On Web, our top priority is our clients and we make every possible effort to ensure that our clients are facilitated at every step. For that reason, we have designed a set of rules and regulations that will ensure that the interest of all our clients are safeguarded at every step of the way.

We would like to encourage all our clients to carefully read through all the company’s terms and conditions to ensure that they are fully aware of all our policies before they begin working with us. Please understand that placing an order with us means that you have read, understood and completely agree with all the conditions outlined here. Should you have any concerns, please address us with the same before placing the order with us.

Throughout the rest of this agreement, the following terms: “our”, “we” and “us” are used in reference to Assignments On Web unless it is outright stated otherwise.

Trademark and Copyright: Any textual or graphic content, as well as all programming, software based or otherwise that is displayed on this website is intellectual property that belongs solely to Assignments On Web. It is against the law to copy, represent or otherwise reuse any of the content on this website in any way or for any purpose that is not officially owned by the owner company.

Contact Information: We may communicate information such as season discounts and promotional offers as well as progress of completion of orders with clients via SMS, phone calls or even emails.

Means of making payments: Clients can make payments by directly transferring the amount into our bank account or by transferring them online to our bank account. Bank account details are available with our CSR team. Moreover, work on orders or any other service will only begin once all dues have been cleared by the client. A delay in the same may cause a delay in the work. In such cases the client is solely responsible for the delay.

Privacy details: We strictly adhere to both the Data Protection Act and the Companies Act which strictly forbid us to disclose any customer’s private information any third parties unless demanded by the law.

Liabilities of services: The misuse of any of the services on our website may lead to damage of property or even losses for the concerned client. In such cases the loss or damage will solely be the responsibility of the client

Security of account credentials: Account credentials including usernames and passwords will be provided to all new customers initially. However after being provided the same will solely be the responsibility of the client. It is for the same reasons strongly urged that account holders change their passwords as soon as they receive their account credentials in order to secure their account.

Changes in Policies: All policies are evaluated and updated as deemed necessary at any given time without any prior notice or consent from clients. It is solely the responsibility of the clients to stay updated with the policies that will be uploaded on this website as soon as they are updated.