The Role of Hobbies in Student’s Development

Life would be boring if you were made to go to school only to acquire academic training. This is why children should be encouraged to develop hobbies from a young age, and the concept of homework should be discouraged. When academics take over every aspect of your life, your mental and physical health can take a toll. Therefore, if a student gets the “do my assignment” facility from an academic expert so that he could spend time in the pool to swim, let him. Sometimes, it is important to prioritise hobbies over the school.

Below is a list describing the role of hobbies in the development of a student.

They offer a productive break from studies

When you are consistently working round the clock, you tend to burn out quickly. The human body needs its rest, and for that, you need to have a life outside school. Therefore, when parents encourage their children to develop hobbies, they actually provide them with an opportunity to grow personally. As a matter of fact, they permit them to have a productive break from studies.

What kind of hobbies are good for students? Literally, anything is good. You do not have to spend thousands to attend a violin lesson. The main focus should be on the interests of the students. What motivates them? What are their interests? What makes them happy? If your child is into reading, encourage them to follow that.

Take them to the nearest library, buy them books, and introduce them to new writers. It’s actually highly beneficial for the child to have a hobby as it can help build their confidence. Moreover, they get the chance to derive their self-worth from other things than academics.

They help in cultivating skills outside of the classroom

Now think about it, when a child is in a classroom setting, what kind of skills can they cultivate? They can learn to think critically, they can multitask, and they can even learn technical skills like writing, reading, and solving sums. However, would that be enough for them to truly discover their full potential? Absolutely not. It is extremely essential for students to have a parallel life where they are exposed to the creative side of the world. Understanding, poetry, playing a sport, painting and sketching is a crucial part of learning.

It is important to have academic knowledge to earn a living and live a prosperous life. However, some skills develop into passions, and they are the ones that truly give you a reason to live. They can enlighten you, entertain you, and essentially engage you.

They expand the child’s perspective

How boring would our life be if we were only exposed to the bookish knowledge? To have a fulfilling life, you need to expand your knowledge of the world. When a child is born into this world, they are inherently curious. They try to taste, see, and hear everything. They want to understand the very being to existence. Gradually, this interest or keenness to learn alleviates and this is exactly where growth stops.

Like the Maslow’s hierarchy claims, human beings are in a constant state of growth, and when there is a hindrance, it usually indicates a conflict or stagnancy. A person cannot reach their maximum potential if that occurs. By allowing a child to have a world outside school, you essentially help broaden their perspective. They learn about mathematics in school, but when they come back home, they also get to play in the garden, build castles and feel grounded. It truly instils a sense of reality and individuality in them.

They look phenomenal on the resume

It is an extremely boomer mindset to restrict your child from pursuing their hobbies professionally. Medicine, engineering, mathematics, etc. are not the only fields offering promising futures. Gone are the days when only bookish knowledge made you stand out from the crowd.

Now companies look for personalities and experience of the candidate. They want to see what more the person can offer to the company. There are numerous hobbies that you can pen down on your resume. For example, if you played any sport in school, you should mention it. Are you a pro at Microsoft tool? Jot it down! Do you like writing articles and poetry? Do you carry extensive knowledge on a subject like astrology? You never know what might click. Thus, always write down your passions and interests in the resume.

They provide social opportunities

If you find it difficult to make friends, having hobbies can solve this problem. If you play any sport, you will be introduced to many people who enjoy the same sport as you. Going to a neighbourhood academy will allow you to meet people with similar interests, which will help expand your social circle.

Contrary to popular belief, making friends is the easiest thing one could do. All you have to do is introduce yourself to the person and share your thoughts on the hobby. This is not merely restricted to sports, even if you enjoy singing, you can start uploading covers on YouTube, who knows where that might take you? If nothing else, you’ll get the chance to meet people online who enjoy the same genre of music as you.

They are essential for personality development

Do you think that hobbies contribute to your personality? Of course, they do! Your hobbies are an extension of yourself. They speak about your likes, dislikes, passions, traits, and skills. They allow others to see a side of you that is deeply personal, and often vulnerable. Therefore, kids should always be encouraged by their parents to indulge in hobbies.

Painting, writing, swimming, riding a horse, these are some interesting hobbies that are important for personality development. More importantly, they give you things to talk and feel passionate about. Both are great things and give you a distinct identity from the person next to you.

They are important for mental and physical health

When you have interests outside school, you give yourself something else to look forward to. Some hobbies are incredibly supportive as they allow you to have a catharsis. For example, through painting, you can express your emotions and find a release. Colours can help you emote repressed feelings. Thus, hobbies help in maintaining a healthy outlook on life.