5 Unusual Earth Facts To Satisfy The Curious Minds

5 Unusual Earth Facts To Satisfy The Curious Minds

Earth is a strange planet, distinct from all others in our Solar System, as it is the only planet that comprises of water on its surface. As a result of this blessing, it can inhabit millions of species, all with different requirements for survival.

The planet came into existence, approximately 4.5 billion years ago, when the solar system became steady and formed its existing pattern. Earth came into being when the gravitational forces pulled the gas and dust to build a planet, falling third in line with the sun. Parallel to all other rocky planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars), the planet earth constitutes a central core, a solid crust, and a covering made up of rocks.

In addition to being the only known to the planet to offer life, Earth has several unusual functions that most people are not aware of.

1. Earth has an overgrown moon

Earth is amongst the few planets with a supersized moon. Although it may appear small from a distance, it falls in the category of one of the largest moons in the solar system. Researchers believe that the Earth’s moon is maybe even bigger than the actual planet. In contrast to earth, the moon is a quarter as wide.

In our solar system, the earth takes second place in having the largest moon. The first in line is Pluto, as it has the largest moon, named Charon or Pluto I. Charon is the biggest in the list of the five greatest natural satellites known. Its gravitational force is so extreme that the barycenter of the Plutonian system is found outside of the planet Pluto.

2. It comprises of a 2000 acre fungus

However, one of the Earth’s finest possessions is the 2000 acre fungi, found in the areas of Oregon. The Armillaria mushroom is found to be one of the largest, single species on the planet. Originally, in 1992, the fungi were discovered in Michigan. At that time, it was observed to be 32 acres. However, recent investigations have revealed that the species is even larger than a blue whale!

The Armillaria mushroom is approximately extending to cover 2,385 acres of land in the Malheur National Forest, Oregon. In addition to this, it may be the oldest organism to have ever lived. Investigators believe that this organism is at least 2,400 years – 8,650 years old. The honey fungus is also titled as a tree killer, as it has been convicted of harming 108 dead and dying trees.

In addition to this, the honey fungus has also been the pinpoint of several debates in the culinary community. An Italian chef, Antonio Carluccio, has reported that the fungus constitutes of mouth-watering flavours when it is served with spaghetti and red chilli.

3. It includes underwater waterfalls

The concept of an underwater waterfall is extremely foreign. The earth comprises of many beauties and wonders. However, the waterfall located at the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is amongst the wonders of the world. This waterfall is observed in the ocean as the water body splits in the middle to give an illusion of a waterfall. However, this view did not exist for a few million years ago. Instead, this relatively new development was formed due to the sea-floor spreading, which resulted in a plateau.

Additionally, the drop in this area is severely distinct from the rest of the ocean. The majority of the ocean water is at a depth of 8 to 150 meters. However, at this point in the ocean, the depth of the drop falls in the range of thousands of meters.

4. There is treasure beneath it

The biggest crystals known to humankind are found underneath the Cave of Crystals, in the area of the gypsum pillars in Mexico. This cave was discovered just recently in the year 2000 when an accident occurred with silver miners, who accidentally broke through the Earth’s walls. This area of the earth includes sparkling crystals, which as long as 30 feet long.

Another similar jewel cave was found in the areas of Hang Son Doong, in Vietnam. This is the earth’s largest cave, which was also discovered recently, in 1991. This cave is large enough to host a rainforest, natural parks, and around 747 jumbo jets!

5. It includes a boiling river

Peruvian Amazon includes a boiling river, found in the middle of the forest. While the river is not actually boiling, its temperature is hot enough to be near the boiling point. Hence, any entity that falls into it could easily be burnt to death.

In reality, the river starts as a cold stream and then manifests itself into becoming hotter and hotter as the day passes, until it ultimately becomes slightly cooler at night. The temperature of the river can rise from around 27 degrees Celsius to about 94 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the river also gets its supply of hot water from hot streams. These streams inject the hot water once they connect with the water supply of the river.

The size of the river is roughly around 9kmn long. However, only 6 km of the overall river comprises of the hot area.

Throughout the year, the intensity of the temperature varies. In dry seasons, the water is not at a killing temperature. Despite this, the river has taken several lives as animals, reptiles and mammals occasionally slip up and fall in it and are boiled alive.

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